This is a message directly from doTERRA giving the best reason for ditching your current life-sucking job and instead becoming the CEO of your own business!  Check this out!

“Living a debt free life with doTERRA: In speaking of interest, there is an old pioneer saying–“There’s them that understand interest, and there’s them that pay it”.  In a recent exchange of email amongst the executive team, we outlined a major doTERRA goal for 2016.  We desire to do more to recognize the power of doterra to bring people out of debt.  Debt is a real bondage to many people and many wish to be free of it.

After 25 years in our industry, I am still asked by people how we can afford to pay such good commissions to people.  Aren’t your products overpriced in order to pay out those commissions?As we learned in business school, promotion and sales costs are built into every product.  Retail companies choose to spend their marketing dollars on advertising, commercials, spokesmen, sales teams, etc.

At doterra we take the same dollars and pay it in bonuses and commissions to hard working independent wellness advocates who generate product sales by traveling, conducting events, building websites, marketing materials, creating videos, etc.  We have not experienced a feeling of our products being overpriced because we have kept our prices low, relative to high end essential oil brands, and we have a loyalty rewards program that creates strong brand value.

For most of our business minded leaders, they invest far more in their business than they make, in the early days….as is the case with most any new business venture.  Unlike too many other MLM’s who pressure others to buy large initial startup kits, doterra leaders do not invest in large product inventories.  They prefer to enroll with value kits and create affordable monthly consumption from repeat customers who value regular use of essential oils and a natural lifestyle.  A doTERRA business builder’s investments are typically in creating websites, travelling, venue costs for meetings, etc.

In all of the creation of programs and incentives, we have worked to create a sustainable model of behavior.  We reject unsustainable practices of front end product loading, high pressure sales, overpriced products, etc.  This is why people like doterra’s culture and how we create a natural business experience and not a manufactured one.

Thus, while not perfect, we take some well-earned pride in our leaders who are able to use, share, and grow an essential oil business.  Most of our business builders are well educated, hard working people.  Some are very experience business leaders, but the vast majority are simply passionate people who have never “done business” nor have they been big essential oilers previously and nearly all are new to network marketing.

Through a very natural progression a passionate product user turns into a sharer, who turns into a small business builder, who turns into a large business builder.  Along the way, they become a leader and through sacrifice and trials begin to earn a larger and larger income.  Also along the way, a husband or partner will take notice and begin to support and help until enough monthly commissions are earned to support and sustain the family.  Once the builder is self reliant financially, they will set a goal to become completely self reliant and get out of debt.  This is what we hope and what we have seen time and time again.

Today, doterra is helping thousands of leaders to supplement their incomes as well as become the primary source of income and when well managed allows for a more secure financial position.  There is no get rich quick here.  Our generous 12 month return policy protects anyone from potential regrets.  For the most part, the very significant incomes that doterra leaders are seeing today are being invested, and reinvested into business, charity, educations, and other meaningful activities and endeavors.

We hope and fully expect that our huge forecast for growth in 2016 will result more freedom from the bondage called debt.”